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I have logged into the Online Application Service but cannot find the application I submitted earlier. What do I do?

Most likely, you have logged into the online service using a different method to when you submitted the application. Applications written while logged into the service using online banking IDs will show up only while logged in with the same online banking IDs, whereas applications written while logged in with a username will show up only while using the same username. You may request to have all usernames/passwords registered to your email sent to that email address from the following page: https://apurahat.skr.fi/haku/SendPassword.aspx?kieli=eng  

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How do I log in to the Online Application Service?

You should primarily log in using online banking IDs. If you do not have online banking IDs from a Finnish bank, you may register and create a user ID and password by clicking the link Create username. When you have created a user ID and password, you will be able to access your application data by entering them at log in.

Applications are specific to the user IDs under which they were created. Therefore, to modify an existing application, you must log in to the Online application service with the user ID you used to create this existing application.

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I have forgotten my user ID or password, or both. What should I do?

You can request a new user ID or password to replace a forgotten user ID or password at Forgotten your password or user ID?

If you do not receive the password email message within a few minutes, check that it has not gone into your spam mailbox. If you order a password several times, only the latest password received will be valid.

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I cannot attach an attachment

An attachment is attached in the following way:

  1. Select the file to be attached with the function "add attachment"
  2. Upload the file with the function "select the file"

The name of the attachment must not contain commas or any other special characters.

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How can I scan my attachments that are on paper into the electronic system?

Scan an image onto your computer in either a pdf or jpeg format. Select a resolution sufficiently low so as that the image is less than 3 MB in size. Paste the file from your files into the system.

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The size of my image file is too large

The maximum size of each image file is 3 MB.
You can try to reduce the size of the image

You can try to reduce the size of the image file in the following ways:

  1. Save your file in compressed file format, such as pdf or jpeg.
  2. Reduce the image resolution.
  3. Reduce the colour depth of the image.

Images need not be of printable resolution because the experts will review them electronically on screen. A suitable size is 1024 x 768.

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The text in the application is too small

The Work Plan or other information in the application may be printed in text that is too small if the space reserved for printing is insufficient. This can easily happen if the text includes, for instance, many short or blank lines. In this case, the system will reduce the text size in order to print all the contents. This may result in a text size difficult to read on paper. Make the text more compact by deleting blank lines and combining short lines. Shorten and compact the text sufficiently so that it is easy to read in preview format.

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Can an application be amended after it has been sent online?

If you notice a part that needs amending after submitting your application online, you can cancel the submission, revise the application and submit it once more within the application period. This can be done with I want to withdraw my application in order to revise it and cancel application under the Application tab.

Cancelling does not delete the data in the application but changes it back to a draft so that you can amend the application. Send the application again online after amending it.

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I did not find an answer to a technical problem from this FAQ. What should I do?

Contact the Cultural Foundation's technical support by email at tekninentuki(at)skr.fi.

Explain your problem and give your contact information (an email address or telephone number) for us to contact you to answer your question.

You may also call our technical support directly at 09 6128 1242.

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This page was last updated on June 29, 2023.