Uusimaa Regional Fund

The Uusimaa Regional Fund was founded in 1963 and is one of the Finnish Cultural Foundation's 17 regional funds, and supports artistic and cultural endeavour in the region's 26 municipalities.

The Fund supports activities focused on subjects of a regional nature or coordinated by people from the region. Grants are awarded for work in the arts and arts-related projects and events. Projects promoting regional culture and carried out by either private individuals or associations, are also supported. The Fund does not support scientific research.

The minimum grant that can be applied for is 2 000 euros. 

The Art for Institutions grants are open for applications for the first time in Regional Fund's application round. The Uusimaa Regional Fund will grant a minimum amount of 20 000 euros to this purpose.

Games - a new field open for application

You may apply for a grant for artistic design (e.g. screenwriting or other content design, musical composition, or visual design) of games or for the implementation of game projects. The game specified in the application must have artistic, cultural, or social aims. There are no limitations as to the form of the game or its operating environment.

The Uusimaa Regional Fund comprises a General Fund and donation- and bequest-based donor funds. Grants made from the latter are directed towards areas specified by the donor when making his or her bequest. Areas not covered by this procedure are supported from the general funds.

The Fund's activities and decision-making are impartial and not linked to political parties or other organisations or associations. Grants made by the Fund are decided by an Administrative Council representing a wide range of expertise and knowledge in the arts, the sciences, society, and business in the region.

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Contact information

Asiamies Leena Tammivuori
Fund Officer
Sihteeri Anu Aaltonen