In Lausitz mining area in Eastern Germany people swim in an artificial lake built on top of an old lignite mine. Photo: Stephanie Loos
On Art and Science
Getting Out of the “Southern Media Bubble”
The EFC office in Philanthropy House which was funded by six foundations in 2013, one of which – Körber Stiftung, gifted its share to EFC in 2019 to mark its 30th anniversary is situated in the centre of Brussels.
Finnish Cultural Foundation
In a Single Europe
The European Foundation Centre (EFC) brings together European foundations, as well as several American ones and a few from other countries around the world. The EFC’s annual general assembly and conference brings together hundreds of members.
Finnish Cultural Foundation
Foundations Help Everywhere

The Finnish Cultural Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to promoting art and science.

The purpose of the Finnish Cultural Foundation is to "promote and develop cultural and economic life" in Finland. In line with this, the Foundation provides grants to individuals and groups working in the sciences and the arts, and to people and organisations in other fields of intellectual and cultural endeavour. The Foundation also supports larger projects through substantial grants.