Kanuti Gildi SAAL, established mainly by freelance artists, is a contemporary performing arts centre in Tallinn. It co-produces artworks in collaboration with institutional partners and artists, organizes festivals, and facilitates residencies with various objectives in order to give artists the space and time for developing their ideas.

You may apply for:

The residency programme of the Cultural Foundation is intended for all fields of performing arts. The programme offers two- to three-week residencies in the destination; the duration of the residency applied for must be specified in the application. The working group has working facilities at Kanuti Gildi SAAL as well as limited technical support.

The working group arranges its own accommodation for the duration of the residency. It is possible to apply for a grant for accommodation and travel expenses in the application form. We hope that the working group will avoid flying when traveling to their residency.

Kanuti Gildi SAAL is located in the heart of Tallinn Old Town, showcasing contemporary art between historic town walls. Every season sees up to 15 premieres. The very first documented professional theater show in Estonia took place in the same location, in the Saint Canute Guild House in 1633.  

lämminhenkinen tumma huone, jossa sohva ja puisia tukirunkoja.
An audience Area in Kanuti Gildi Saal. Photo: Alana Proosa
Kuva vanhan rakennuksen interiööristä
A view from outside Kanuti Gildi Saal. Photo: Alana Proosa
Esiintymislava ja yleisöpenkit taustalla
A big stage and the grandstand. Photo: Alana Proosa
Suuri näyttämö, siniset seinät
Photo: Alana Proosa
Suuri huone, jossa on puinen lattia ja mustat seinät
Studio 1. Photo: Alana Proosa