The SeMA Nanji Residency opened in 2006 and is part of the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). The residential centre is located in an old industrial facility in a park outside the city centre.

You may apply for:

  • one working grant for three months for visual artists
  • working period: April 1st to June 30th
  • the working grant amounts to €7,000 per three-month residency
  • in addition to the working grant, the grantee also receives a grant to cover travel costs, the amount of which depends on the selected means of travel. A higher travel grant is awarded to grantees travelling by rail or sea instead of flying. Further information on travel grant
  • More information about Sema Nanji

The residency has 25 rooms for accommodation, conference facilities, an exhibition space, a sculpture park and a shared kitchen. The working space is located adjacent to the living quarters. Family members of the artists may not accompany the resident artist for the residency.

SeMA Nanji Residency serves as a venue for exhibitions and workshops, and it also supports artists and researchers in other ways.

The grantee is responsible for obtaining the visa and for other similar arrangements.


SeMA Nanji Residency, studio. Kuva: Juha Huuskonen
SeMA Nanji Recidency, studio