Pirkanmaa Regional Fund

The Pirkanmaa Regional Fund was founded in 1961. As one of the Finnish Cultural Foundation's 17 regional funds, it is devoted to promoting and developing the arts, the sciences, and other fields of endeavour in the Pirkanmaa area - by providing grants and awards and organising other activities in the region's 24 municipalities.

Grants form the most important aspect of the Fund's activities.

Applicants living locally are given priority when awarding grants, as is scientific or artistic work carried out in or covering the region, together with major regional cultural projects.

The Pirkanmaa Regional Fund comprises a General Fund and bequest- and donation-based donor funds. Grants made from the latter are directed towards areas specified by the donor when they made their bequest. Areas not covered by this procedure are supported from the general funds.

The Fund's activities and decision-making are impartial and not linked to political parties or other organisations or associations. Grants made by the Fund are decided by an Administrative Council that reflects a wide range of expertise and knowledge in the arts, the sciences, society, and business in the region.

Multidisciplinary project or project combining art and science

The Pirkanmaa Regional Fund wishes to encourage researchers and artists to new collaborations, partnerships and ambitious initiatives between fields.

The Fund is prepared to finance a multidisciplinary project or a project combining art and science with a considerably larger grant than usual, considering the work plan and the budget of the project.

This Specific-purpose Grant application can be submitted using the Online Application Service within the application period of January 10 - February 8. The service will stay open for application submission until 4:00 pm Eastern European Time on the deadline date.

If you are applying for a multidisciplinary project grant

  • on the application form, select Specific purposes > Multidisciplinary/combined art & science projects
  • on the field of application, select the one that most closely matches the field of your project
  • mention that you are applying for a multidisciplinary project; and
  • mention all the disciplines/fields represented by the people working on the project.

Note that the leader in charge of a working group applying for a grant for their multidisciplinary project is exceptionally not required to work as a grant researcher on the project. The work is primarily supported through personal grants, not by funding salaried work.

In all other respects, follow the application guidelines at the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s website.

Go to the Online Application Service.

Contact information

Fund Officer
Sihteeri Kati Vastamäki