On this page you will find links to all the necessary instructions. You should read the instructions carefully.

Grant Applicant

  • General Guidelines page details the basic instructions for all application rounds (January, March, August, and October rounds)
  • See Frequently Asked Questions before contacting the Cultural Foundation as it may contain answers to your enquiry.
  • Applicant checklist contains a list of six items that summarises the most crucial points of the application

Guidelines for Special Purpose Grants

Special purpose grants, such as the Argumenta or Mobility Grant, have their own special characteristics. Please find below instructions for each of these grants:

Guidelines for Other Grants

Reference Guidelines

References related to grant applications must be submitted before the application deadline to the Online Reference Service. Please find the guidelines here.

Grantee Guidelines

Please acquaint yourself closely with the grantee guidelines as well. They include, for example, instructions for withdrawing grant sums and for reporting the use of grants.