On this page, you will find links to all the necessary guidelines.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of grantees in a variety of ways, and the Cultural Foundation has responded with even more flexibility than usual. Please find all Coronavirus-related changes to grant guidelines here.

Grant Applicant

  • Application Guidelines for Grants apply to all application rounds (January, March, August, and October rounds).
  • Frequently Asked Questions offers answers to the most common questions.
  • Applicant checklist is a list of six items that summarises the most crucial points of the application.
  • Online Application Service includes a test application form for applicants to acquaint themselves with outside application periods. The Foundation recommends going through the actual application form carefully as soon as the application period opens, as filling it in will clear up many questions.

Guidelines for Special Purpose Grants

A few of the Cultural Foundation grants, such as the Argumenta or Mobility Grant, include guidelines that differ from the Application Guidelines for Grants. In the January round of applications, it is advisable to also check possible special grants of the regional funds:

Guidelines for Other Grants


References related to grant applications must be submitted before the application deadline to the Online Reference Service. Please find the guidelines here.


  • Grantee Guidelines apply to the grantees of all application rounds the use of the grant, and the obligations related to the use of the grant. Special purpose grants may also have other conditions, which are introduced in the application guidelines for special purposes and, if necessary, also in grant decisions.
  • Multi-year Grant Guidelines apply to those who have received a personal multi-year grant in the October or January round of applications. They give guidance on submitting the continuation applications for the second, third and fourth year and reporting the use of the grant.
  • Grantee Checklist is a list of six items summarising the most crucial points of using the grant.

This page was last updated on September 7, 2023.