Mies mustassa pikkutakissa katsoo kameraan, kuva on hartioista ylöspäin.
Chairman of the Board
Professor of Pharmacogenetics at the University of Helsinki. His research group studies the impact of genetic differences in cell membrane transport proteins on the efficacy and safety of drugs. Member of the Board since 2016.
Silmälasipäinen mies tummassa pikkutakissa.
Vice Chairman of the Board
Master of Laws. Practicing in his law firm, with a focus on corporate and competition law. He has also worked on EU law in Brussels. Member of the Board since October 2022.
Anne Birgitta Pessi, hallituksen jäsen
Anne Birgitta
Vice Chairwoman of the Board
Works as Professor of Church Sociology at the University of Helsinki and Associate Professor of Welfare Sociology at the University of Eastern Finland. Pessi's areas of expertise include compassion, community and well-being. Member of the Board since 2016.
Nainen mustassa jakussa ja silmälaseissa. Hiukset ovat polkkapituiset ja vaaleat.
Master of Business Administration. Director of Economics and Finance at Aalto University, with long experience in leadership and management. Her work experience includes a career at Nokia. Member of the Board since October 2023.
Siru Ahopelto, hallituksen jäsen vuodesta 2021
Master of Social Sciences from Virolahti. Entrepreneur, Executive Director of Kaakon Kamarimusiikki ry and expert and leader of rural and cultural development projects. Member of the Board since 2022.
Hallituksen jäsen Karo Hämäläinen
Master of Literature, writer, journalist and literary critic. He has written novels and non-fiction books for adults, children and young people. Member of the Board since 2018.
Keijo Hämäläinen, hallituksen jäsen
A physicist by education, specialising in experimental physics research. He is currently Rector of the University of Tampere. Member of the Board since October 2021.
Lea Keinänen, hallituksen jäsen
MBA. Has worked as Business Director and Executive Vice President of Evli Bank, among others. Member of the Cultural Foundation's Finance Committee in 2019, member of the Board since October 2021.
Tiina Lindfors, hallituksen jäsen
A choreographer, director and dancer who has created over a hundred productions and won numerous awards. A founding member and one of the directors of ERI Dance Theatre in Turku. Member of the Board since 2019.
Silmälasipäinen mies mustassa pikkutakissa ja valkoisessa kauluspaidassa katsoo hymyillen kameraan.
Master of Philosophy. He has previously worked as Director of the Finnish Institute of Culture and Science in Brussels, Programme Manager of the Helsinki Festival and Executive Director of the Our Festival. Member of the Board since October 2023.
Leena Vuotovesi, hallituksen jäsen
Master of Philosophy in Cultural Anthropology. Works as the Executive Director of the Oulu Business Centre Association. Served for eight years on the board of ResArtis, the global network of artist residencies. Member of the board since 2019.
Petri Ylikoski, hallituksen jäsen
Professor of Science and Technology Studies and Deputy Director of the Centre of Excellence in Philosophy of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Member of the Board since 2017.