Central Finland Grants

The next Central Finland Regional Fund grant application period takes place from 10 Jan to 10 Feb 2022 until 4 pm local Finnish time (Eastern European Time).

Eligible Applicants

When making grant decisions, the Fund gives precedence to applicants born or currently residing in the region of Central Finland, as well as to work taking place in or focusing on the region. In 2021, the Fund awarded a total of 655,000 euros in working and expenditure grants.

Applying for a Grant

You may apply for a grant on the Online Application Service and provide a reference on the Online Reference Service. All applications and references must be submitted to the online service before 4 pm local Finnish time (EET) on the deadline date. Applications and references submitted in any other way will not be considered. The applicant should familiarise themselves carefully with the application guidelines and make sure they have appended all requested attachments in their application. More information on the January round of applications can be found here.

Grant Focus Areas

The Central Finland Regional Fund supports, with working and expenditure grants, scientific and artistic work, the culture of children and the youth, and projects related to cultural heritage (local culture work).

In addition, the Fund is interested in supporting new undertakings that combine science and art. For the second year, games are included as their own field of application.

Regional Fund Special Purpose Grants

Spearhead Projects

Spearhead projects are special purpose grants of the regional funds meant for undertakings that require larger-than-usual funding. For innovative projects or projects striving for significant impact, the Fund grants a total of at least 40,000 euros in the form of one or two grants of no less than 20,000 euros. Such projects require fresh or exceptional points of view, content, quality, or design – or that they are otherwise deemed as special or particularly necessary projects. The activities, for example, may take place in the area of more than one Central Finnish municipality or may bring together a wide group of agents in one project. Regional impact is considered an advantage but is not necessary.

Art for Institutions Grant

A minimum of 20,000 euros have been earmarked for Art for Institutions projects in the January round of applications. The aim of this form of support is to promote the equal realisation of cultural rights and to improve the quality of life of people in need of special support or care, through art. The work or project may take place in welfare and nursing institutions or other environments, the residents or users of which may otherwise have limited access to art. Possible institutions include sheltered homes, day centres, and homes of the elderly, hospitals, prisons, reception centres, care units for substance abusers, and child welfare institutions.

Donor Funds

The grants are awarded from a general fund and those donor funds open for application in the next round:

  • Päiviö Hetemäki Fund
  • Veikko Hyytiäinen Fund
  • Artturi Jämsén Fund
  • Keskimaa Fund
  • Keskisuomalainen Fund
  • Central Finland Journalist Fund
  • Central Finland Telephone Oy (plc) Fund
  • Elsa and Frans Marpio Fund
  • Helena Peltomäki Fund
  • Aune and Heikki Salama Fund
  • Oy Wilh. Schauman Ab (plc) Fund
  • Tapper Art Brothers Fund

Grant Guidance

Grant-related enquiries should be sent to keski-suomi@skr.fi. Enquiries may also be directed to Fund Officer Antti Niskanen or secretary Anniina Majanlahti-Binaku.

Grant Decisions

The grant decisions are made by an administrative committee consisting of regional experts from various fields. If necessary, outside experts can be called upon to evaluate applications. The grant decisions of the January round of applications in 2021 were announced on May 19th. Both favourable and unfavourable grant decisions are sent to grant applicants by email approximately two weeks before that. The grants can be withdrawn after May 18th.

Contact information

Antti Niskanen, Keski-Suomen ja Pohjois-Savon rahastojen asiamies.
Fund Officer
Anniina Majanlahti-Binaku, Varsinais-Suomen rahaston sihteeri
Anniina Majanlahti-Binaku