The purpose of the Finnish Cultural Foundation's instrument collection is to acquire instruments for the Foundation to own and lend to musicians. Currently, the collection consists of fifty-six string instruments and a harpsichord. In addition to instruments by old Italian and French masters, quality instruments for advanced students are also available.

Applications close at 4 pm Finnish time on the last day of the application period.

Loan periods

As a rule, the loan period is ca. five years, and consecutive loans of the same instrument are not permitted. However, the most valuable instruments in the collection can be granted to the same person for another or even for a third loan period. Some instruments have specific requirements concerning their regional usage.

Who May Apply

The instruments are lent primarily to persons permanently residing in Finland. A Finnish applicant's studies abroad make an exception to this rule.

Grant Decisions

An instrument loan can be applied for during the March Round of Applications. Applications should be submitted using the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Online Application Service. Applications close at 4 pm Finnish time on the last day of the application period.

A committee of experts of the instrument collection makes the proposals to the Finnish Cultural Foundation board of trustees. The decisions will be released at the latest by the end of May.

Instruments for loan 2020


  • Spiritus Sorsana ”Liisa Huovinen”, Cuneo (n. 1700) *
  • Andrea Robin-Frandsen, Angers 1996
  • Franco Simeoni I, Treviso (1990)
  • Franco Simeoni II, Treviso (1991)
  • Franco Simeoni III, Treviso (1990)
  • [anon.] "Antonio Stradivari 1727"
  • Gand & Bernardel, Pariisi 1888
    (Primarily meant for a musician from South Karelia, Kymenlaakso or Päijät-Häme)
  • Pierre & Hippolyte Silvestre II, Lyon 1840
    (Primarily meant for a musician from North Karelia)


  • Andrea Robin-Frandsen, Angers (1996)
  • [anon.] "Tirolilainen", ex Eino Uusikallio
  • Gerriet Groth, Wiesbaden (1980)


  • Claude-Augustin Miremont (1883) *
  • Albert Jacquot, Nancy (1903) *
  • Jean-Baptiste Salomon “ex Yagling”, Pariisi ca. 1750 *

More information on the instrument collection is available from the Finnish Cultural Foundation's office.

For more information please contact
Erityisasiantuntija Veli-Markus Tapio
Senior advisor
Apurahasihteeri Eriika Johansson