The Art² Grant of the Finnish Cultural Foundation supports high-quality and, regarding their content, significant art projects that strive to reach larger audiences. With this grant, the Cultural Foundation aims to support art that is meaningful for more and more people and, thereby, for society as a whole. The purpose of this form of support is to fund art projects that make an impact and touch, in addition to art experts, the wider public. As the importance of proceeds from ticket sales can be expected to grow as a source of funding, the purpose simultaneously lends support to the expansion of production funding bases.

The Art² Grant is now closed. We encourage you to apply for funding for major arts projects in the October application round.

Who May Apply

Eligible applicants for the Art² Grant include registered organisations, foundations, and public art institutions in all fields of art. The grant may also be applied for a joint project of a number of collaborators.

Applicable Grants

The Art² funding for a single project is set between 100.000 – 300.000 euros. The duration of the project is limited to three years. The number of grants awarded will be from two to five.

The grant may be used, for example, to extend the ordinary planning and preparatory work period of an artistic production, and to enable large-scale implementation to reach new or larger audiences. The grant-funded project may, for example, pilot new production models such as carrying out new collaborations between the independent field and art institutions – also internationally – or by developing an already-implemented production through trial runs.

Application Evaluation Criteria:

•    the artistic quality of the project,
•    the credibility of the project to reach larger audiences and to measure its implementation,
•    the plausible positive effects of the project to the applicants' operation (in terms of content and financially) in the future, for example in the form of proceeds from ticket sales or with the increase of other funding.

How to apply

Grant Decisions

The application process consists of two stages. The first stage of the application process takes places every second year on the Online Application Service of the Cultural Foundation during the March application round, and applicants chosen for the second stage will be notified of the decision in May of the same year.

Successful applicants in the first stage may be granted a maximum of 4.000 euros for further project development. The second stage takes place during the August application round and the grants are announced in October.

This page was last updated on December 15, 2022.


Contact for Art² Grantees:
Apurahasihteeri Eriika Johansson
Senior Advisor