Tokyo Arts and Space Residency serves as a residential centre for artists and other individuals in creative fields.

One working grant for Tokyo Arts and Space Residency (formerly Tokyo Wondersite) is available for a visual artist or a partnership of two artists. The grant is provided for a stay of three months in the period September–November. The grant amounts to €2,000 a month. The grantee(s) also receive €1,000 to cover travel costs.

Partnerships must apply for the grant as a working group. Both members of the partnership are provided with separate working grants and the accommodation is in a double room. The grantee(s) are responsible for obtaining their visas and for other similar arrangements.

The centre, which is located in the Tokyo district of Sumida, has two shared studios and 12 rooms for accommodation. It has also facilities where artists can work in partnerships. The newly renowated living quarters are cozy and, as is common in Japan, fairly small. Family members may not accompany the resident artist for the residency.

The residential centre was opened in 2006, and each year it accommodates about 100 artists and individuals in creative fields.

For more information about Tokyo Arts and Space Residency, visit the centre’s website.