In the October 2024 application round, the Finnish Cultural Foundation will award up to 200,000 euros from the Wellamo Paasikivi Donor Fund for works that deal with the life of a Finnish statesman. The work can be a book, a documentary programme or a documentary.

This page was last updated on June 26, 2024.

Grant application schedule

The grant is open for application in the October application round. Applications close at 4 pm Finnish time (EET) on the last day of the application period. 

Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants comprise of private individuals, working groups (e.g. for documentaries, a team of writer, director, producer and researcher), and registered associations. 

Grant Purpose

The work on the life of a Finnish statesman can be a book, a documentary programme or a documentary. The grant can be applied for work, project-related expenses, or both together. It can be awarded on a multi-year basis.  

How to Apply

The application is submitted to the Online Application Service during the October application period. This special purpose grant can be selected in the Grant Type menu on the Application page of the application form. 

As a prerequisite for the grant, the work must be published either as a complete work, an online publication, or as articles. The work plan of the application must present the work's planned publication and distribution channels. 

The details of the publication should be submitted to the Cultural Foundation together with the report on the use of the grant.