The guidelines that apply to other grantees of the Finnish Cultural Foundation also apply to grants awarded to working groups. Below you can find a selection of the most pertinent guidelines.

Guidelines for Grantees can be read here.

Withdrawing Grant Instalments

According to the Finnish Cultural Foundation's standard procedure, the Foundation transfers the full grant sum of a working group to a single bank account, which is submitted by the person responsible for the working group to the Cultural Foundation in the Online Service for Grantees. When deciding the grant instalment payment schedule, it is advisable to take into account both taxation and reporting schedule.

The person responsible for the working group must ensure that each member of the working group receives the working grant sum allocated to them in the grant decision (excl. short-term, under-4-month grants which haven't been allocated individually), in accordance to a schedule deemed appropriate for the purpose of carrying out the project. The person responsible for the working group must also ensure the possible expenditure portion of the grant is used for the purposes set forth in the grant application.


Grants are deemed as income for the tax year during which they are paid. It is advisable to time the grant payments in such a manner that the sum withdrawn is completely used within the same tax year.

The Cultural Foundation will notify the tax authorities of the grant awarded to a working group under the personal identification number of the person responsible for the working group. The person responsible may make changes to the tax proposal on MyTax (OmaVero) or by using a separate form following the guidelines of the tax authorities. A working group member, having received grant money, must respectively notify the tax authorities of the grant money received during the tax year, if it is not included in their taxation.

MYEL Insurance

The Cultural Foundation notifies the working group grant to the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Mela) under the person responsible, when the grant includes at least a 4-month working grant. The person responsible for the working group must submit the details of the working group members to Mela. The working group members must themselves apply for insurance and pay them from their portion of the grant money.


Should the grant sum be 80 000 euros or more and the grant period 24 months or more, the person responsible is required to submit a progress report after 12 months of the payment of the first grant instalment. Before a progress report is submitted and approved, a maximum of 75% of the grant sum can be withdrawn. The progress report is made using a separate online form found here.

The progress report cannot be submitted in lieu of the final report on how the grant was used. The final report must be submitted within one year of the payment of the final grant instalment.