Institute for Provocation (IFP), located in the heart of Beijing, is an independent art organization and project space founded in 2010.

Combining theoretical and artistic practice, IFP aims to nurture cross-disciplinary knowledge and stimulate cultural exchange and production in a collective approach. The residency focuses on visual arts but also artists from other disciplines having a well-grounded research interest may apply.

The grant is provided for one artist for three months in the period March-May. The grant amounts to €2,000 a month. In addition to the working grant, the grantee also receives €1,000 to cover travel costs. The grantee is responsible for obtaining the visa, insurance and for other similar arrangements.

The rooms are quite basic and family members may not accompany the resident artist. The residency can accomodate three artist at a time. Two studios and a small working space are available for residential artists.

IFP provides a part-time assistant for the grantee to help solve problems concerning everyday situations or the artist's work.

Institute for Provocation
Institute for Provocation