The bustling Fabrikken art centre in Copenhagen brings together artists and designers from a vast array of experience levels to interact as a creative community and benefit from the work spaces and professional support offered. The artists-in-residence are individually teamed with a local mentor or a peer who will help the artists to build lasting networks in Denmark.

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The Fabrikken art center is located in Amager, the southern borough of Copenhagen, which is located 2.5 km from the city center. The setting is industrial; the building used to house a commercial laundry.

Fabrikken welcomes visual artists from all levels of experience who wish to further and challenge their practice in a peer environment. The art centre brings together 60-70 professional artists and designers at any time. Fabrikken is guided by the spirit of professionalism and exchange, which is nurtured through an event program and a weekly communal lunch.

Fabrikken provides each resident with a studio with 24/7 access. In addition, the site has a shared production- and event space spanning 1,000 m2 as well as basic workshop facilities (multipurpose woodworking machine, welding machine, ceramic kiln, spray booth, printing press), which accommodates artistic research. Open spaces are mainly used for artistic production and events, such as the public showings of the residents' work. 

The programme responds individually to the distinctive artistic practice of the resident. Online meetings between the programme manager and the artist will be conducted in preparation for the residency. The artists-in-residence will be matched with a mentor or a peer from the local art scene and engaged with professional networks for ideas exchange and support. Furthermore, the residents will be engaged in a curatorial support program which is organised in collaboration with the SixtyEight Art Institute.

Please note that for accommodation the resident will stay as a personal guest of a Copenhagen-based artist or curator. This means that the kitchen and lavatory will be in common use.

Residenssin studio nro 41, 1. krs
Residency studio no. 41, 1st floor.
Fabrikkenin suuri halli
The great hall in Fabrikken.