In the August round of applications available are the grants for artists' residencies and mobility grants for artists as well as annually changing special purpose grants.

Application Guidelines for Grants apply to all application rounds (January, March, August, and October rounds), so it is advisable to read them through before making the application.

Applications close at 4 pm Finnish time on the last day of the application period.

Grants for Artists' Residencies

The Finnish Cultural Foundation awards grants for international artists’ residency programmes each year. More information.

Mobility Grant

The purpose of the mobility grant is to enable artists to spend time abroad to discover new tools and networks that support their art practise. More information.

World on Stage Grant

The World on Stage Grant may be applied for projects that aim to translate into Finnish and produce a high-quality contemporary foreign theatrical work on a stage located in Finland. The World on Stage Grant accepts applications from registered organisations and working groups consisting of private individuals. More information.