The Finnish Cultural Foundation annually awards one or more Eminentia grants based on applications.

Grant Application Schedule

The Eminentia Grant is open for applications in the October application round. Applications close at 4 pm Finnish time (EET) on the last day of the application period.

Eligible applicants

Scientists or artists in the later stages of a long scientific or artistic career are eligible to apply for an Eminentia grant.

Grant Purpose

The Eminentia grant is EUR 25,000. It can be applied for work, expenses, or both together.

The grant is intended for reflection on and sharing of one's own scientific or artistic life’s work and the experience gained from it to benefit others, either in one’s own field, in other fields, in interaction between science and the arts, or, more broadly to promote the social significance of science or art.

A prerequisite for the Eminentia grant is that the work be published in writing, either as a standalone book, online publication, or a series of articles. The details of the publication must be submitted to the Cultural Foundation together with the report on the grant use.

The grant is not intended for such research or artistic work that is eligible for other grants in the October round of applications – the heart of the Eminentia Grant lies in the reflection on one’s life’s work for the benefit of others.

How to Apply

The application can be submitted in the Online Application Service during the October application period. This special target grant can be selected in the Grant Type menu on the Application page of the application form.

If the grant is applied for expenses, a budget for expenses must be appended to the application. Other required attachments include a work plan, a resume or curriculum vitae, and, for scientists, a list of publications.