Varsinais-Suomi Grants

The next Varsinais-Suomi Regional Fund grant application period takes place from 16 Jan to 10 Feb 2023 until 4 pm local Finnish time.

Eligible Applicants

The Varsinais-Suomi Regional Fund supports scientific studies, artistic work, and other cultural activities taking place in or focused on the region. The Fund will award a total of 1,420,000 euros from the general fund and the different donor funds in the 2023 January round of applications. It is possible to apply for a grant in all fields of science and art.

Applying for a Grant

You may apply for a grant on the Online Application Service and provide a reference on the Online Reference Service. All applications and references must be submitted to the online service before 4 pm local Finnish time (EET) on the deadline date. Applications and references submitted in any other way will not be considered. The applicant should familiarise themselves carefully with the application guidelines and make sure they have appended all requested attachments in their application. More information on the January round of applications can be found here.

Grant Focus Areas

It is possible to apply for a grant in all fields of science and art.

In the evaluation of projects, it is considered an advantage if the project, by means of science or art, boosts general confidence in factual knowledge and promotes good interaction in the society. At least one full-year working grant, the total amount of which is 28,000 euros, will be awarded in visual arts. There is also a minimum amount of 20 000 euros reserved for children's culture.

Regional Fund Special Purpose Grants

Additional EUR 1 million funding for the study of cardiovascular diseases

An additional EUR 1 million funding for the study of cardiovascular diseases is open for applications during the January application period. The grant is open for application in all regional funds. Instead of selecting a regional fund, applicants for this grant must select the special purpose grant of the regional funds, that is the study of cardiovascular diseases grant.

Spearhead Projects

Spearhead projects requiring larger-than-usual funding will receive a minimum of 40,000 euros in the form of one or two grants. Such projects require fresh or exceptional points of view, content, quality, or design.

Art for Everyone Grant

20,000 euros have been earmarked for Art for Everyone projects in the January round of applications. The aim of this form of support is to promote the equal realisation of cultural rights and to improve the quality of life of people in need of special support or care, through art. The work or project may take place in welfare and nursing institutions or other environments, the residents or users of which may otherwise have limited access to art. Possible institutions include sheltered homes, day centres, and homes of the elderly, hospitals, prisons, reception centres, care units for substance abusers, and child welfare institutions.

Local Culture Projects

A grant may be applied, for example, for projects focusing on local culture of the region and cultural heritage projects, such as documenting cultural heritage, showcasing of cultural environment, promoting urban and neighbourhood culture, and histories of local communities and societies, exhibitions, and events. Local Culture Projects grants may also be related to multi-location or independent-of-place local heritage projects, for home region may be taken to mean a natural environment, a built-up environment, social and mental environment, as well as a virtual home region, which a person themselves finds meaningful. Scientific research into a local culture is not considered a local culture project. Note that applicants for the local culture projects grants must choose the field of science or art that their work most closely relates to.

Donor Funds

The grants are awarded from a general fund and those donor funds open for application in the next round:

  • Laina and Aarne Alitalo Fund
  • Mandi Eskola Fund
  • Maija and Heikki Haavisto Fund
  • Astrid Joutseno Fund
  • Veikko Kallio Fund
  • Viivi and Niilo Kallio Fund
  • Annikki and Kalevi Koponen Fund
  • Kerttu and Arvo Korsimo Fund
  • Children's Fund
  • Länsivoima Oyj Fund
  • Perttelin Aaltoset Fund
  • Terttu ja Aatos Petäjä Fund
  • Niilo ja Malin Saarnio Fund
  • Salora Oy Fund
  • Urho Snellman Fund
  • Turun Sanomat Fund
  • Hertta ja Veikko Valtonen Fund
  • Lyyli ja Kalle Vihanto Fund

Grant Guidance

Grant-related enquiries should be sent to Enquiries may also be directed to Fund Officer Timo Vuorisalo and Secretary Anniina Majanlahti-Binaku.

Grant Decisions

The grant decisions are made by an administrative committee consisting of regional experts from various fields. If necessary, outside experts can be called upon to evaluate applications. The grant decisions of the January round of applications 2023 will be announced at the latest on May 23th. Both favourable and unfavourable grant decisions were sent to grant applicants by email approximately two weeks before that. The 2023 grants can be withdrawn from 22 May 2023.

Further information about Varsinais-Suomi Grants:

Timo Vuorisalo, Varsinais-Suomen rahaston asiamies
Fund Officer
Anniina Majanlahti-Binaku, Varsinais-Suomen rahaston sihteeri