Santarcangelo dei Teatri organises the Santarcangelo Festival, which is the oldest Italian festival dedicated to contemporary performing arts, as well as one of the most significant festivals in the European context of theatre and dance.

The grants were awarded to two working groups of dance art and to one working group of performance art for two to three weeks in 2020.

The festival was born at the crossroads of the dimensions – constantly rethought and rearticulated – that characterise it: international artistic presences, the relationship with the public space of Santarcangelo, and the collective engagement of its citizens. The association’s year-round programme consists of encounters, shared experiences, video screenings and meetings with artists, which are open to the public. The organisers offer the resident theatre and dance companies opportunities for organising events in the form of conversations, movement workshops, open rehearsals, shared cinema viewings or even trips to the seaside. This is negotiated between the festival staff and the guests, after they have been selected for the residency. More information:


The theater in Santarcangelo dei Teatri.
The theatre in Santarcangelo dei Teatri.