1. Take a moment to enjoy your achievement and share information about your grant

When talking about the grant on social media, use the tags #kulttuurirahastontuella or #skr2023 (the year the grant was awarded).

2. Familiarise yourself with the grantee guidelines

Read the notification email and Guidelines for Grantees. The email notification includes important dates regarding the payment of the grant. When reading the guidelines, focus especially on the time limits regarding the payment and the use of the grant and the reporting schedule. If you have received a multi-year grant, also familiarize yourself with the relevant guidelines.

3.    Draw up a payment schedule

When you withdraw the grant money, it means that you start working or using the expenditure grant. Read the grant documents in the Online Services for Grantees and draw up your payment schedule. A proposal for instalment payments does not need to be completed in one sitting. Do request for the grant payment or its first instalment within three years of the date the grant was awarded on.

4.    Remember the insurances

If the grant has been awarded for a minimum of 4 months' work, submit an insurance application to MELA (The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution) within 3 months of the payment of the first grant instalment. MELA will invoice you for the insurance. When the grant includes a medical expense and full-time accident insurance provided by the Cultural Foundation (Söderberg & Partners Ltd), make sure to take advantage of it. The Cultural Foundation will pay the insurance for you.

5.    Use the grant for the purpose it is intended for

You may only use the grant for the purpose it was applied for and awarded. If necessary, you may apply to change the purpose of use in the Online Services for Grantees before the payment of the grant and/or before the work or project phase subject to the change will be implemented. Take into consideration possible limitations included in the grant guidelines or the grant decision.

6.    Check taxation on MyTax (OmaVero)

The Cultural Foundation is a private foundation and the grant it pays will show in the tax proposal as liable to taxation. Remember to check the prefilled tax return on MyTax (OmaVero). To revise it, consult the tax authority for instructions.

7. Report the Use of the Grant

Remember that the report on the use of a grant must be submitted within a year of the date the last instalment was paid. The grant must be fully used by that time. The Online Services for Grantees has a form for the purpose of reporting the use of a grant.

8. Share Your Source of Funding

Mention the grant and the Finnish Cultural Foundation or the regional fund that awarded it in different contexts and include the source of funding in a scientific thesis or publication, concert programme, exhibition catalogue or another similar document. The logo of the fund that awarded the grant must be used in press releases, websites, brochures, and publications, etc. Download printable logos here.

This page was last updated on September 7, 2023.