The Finnish Cultural Foundation also awards multi-year grants for personal, full-time work. The multi-year nature of the grant is mentioned separately in the grant decision. Since only a limited number of these 2-4-year grants are awarded, some of the multi-year grant applicants are awarded shorter grants instead.

The process of submitting a continuation application for a multi-year grant is different and depends on whether the grant was awarded by the Central Fund or one of the regional funds:

The continuation application for the second, third, and fourth year funding of a multi-year grant awarded by the Central Fund should be submitted on the Online Application Service approx. two months before the grant is to be made available. The continuation application form is always open.

The continuation applications of multi-year grants awarded by regional funds are submitted in the next January round of applications from the regional fund in question by logging on to the Online Application Service.

The continuation grant will be awarded, provided the project is progressing as planned and the applicant hasn't received corresponding funding from other sources. Continuation grant usually equals to normal annual grant of the Cultural Foundation. Note that the requirement in the general guidelines of clear, strong ties of the grant or its applicant to Finland or Finnish culture must also be satisfied in the case of multi-year grant continuation applications.

The continuation application must include a short report on the progress of the work and a brief plan for the new grant period, in total no more than about two pages. These attachments should outline the most significant of the possible changes to the original plan.

A doctoral researcher must append in their application a statement from their supervisor.

Possible funding from other sources must be stated clearly in the application.

Grant Period of Use

The purpose of multi-year grants is to offer an opportunity as continuous as possible for scientific or artistic work.

The first-year grant instalment must be withdrawn within three years of the date it was awarded on. The final instalment of a multi-year grant must be withdrawn within five years of the date the first-year grant was awarded on.

Grant Report

A report on the use of the grant must be made within one year of the final payment of the last year of the multi-year grant. Although the previous year is clarified in the continuation application, the report on the use to be submitted after the final year should take a retrospective look at the whole multi-year funding and its effects. The report is made and submitted in the Online Service for Grantees.

A failure to submit a report will prevent the grantee from being awarded a grant in the future.

This page was last updated on September 7, 2023.