CAPACETE, situated in Rio de Janeiro, is a residency programme whose mission is to set up situations and develop strategies that offer concrete and real alternatives within the unstable field of art.

The grants were awarded for three months residency in 2020.

​​​The activities offered to residents are designed to reflect the interdisciplinary character of contemporary aesthetic practice, and to promote efforts to link the theoretical world with artistic presentations of diverse formats, dynamics and audiences. The activities will acquaint participants with the social, cultural and political dynamics of Rio de Janeiro, as well as with several of its agents. This experience and investigation exercise aims towards the creation of a space or platform for action, dialogue and practice that references horizontal experiences and thereby leads to the invention of new modes of learning and exchange. Read more:

Taiteilijoiden käytössä on kirjasto.
The library in CAPACETE. Pic: Johanna Ruohonen
Residenssivieraat yhteisellä illallisella CAPACETEssa. Kuva: Johanna Ruohonen
A joined dinner for the artists in CAPACETE. Pic: Johanna Ruohonen