The Finnish Cultural Foundation supports the revival of the Finnish Romani language and Romani art and culture through a new special purpose grant in 2023–2030. The grants applied for in October 2023 will focus on language and literature.

This page was last updated on August 7, 2023.

Grant Application Schedule

The grant is open for application in the October application round. Applications close at 4 pm Finnish time (EET) on the last day of the application period.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants comprise of private individuals, working groups, and registered associations.

Grant Purpose

The Support of Romani Language and Culture Grant can be applied for the following purposes:

  • preparation of learning materials in Romani language
  • written work in the Romani language
  • translating literature into the Romani language
  • Romani language research
  • development of materials supporting language revitalization

The grant may be applied for work, project costs, or for both together.

In addition to the above purposes of the Support of Romani Language and Culture Special Purpose Grant, a grant can also be applied in both the October and January application rounds for other purposes promoting Romani art and culture in the fields of, for example, music, theatre, and visual arts. In this case, the grant is applied for as a regular grant for work, expenses or for both purposes, i.e. it is not applied for as a special purpose grant.

How to Apply

The application is submitted to the Online Application Service during the October application period. Choose this special purpose grant from the Grant Type menu on the Application page of the application form.

The work plan must include what the grant is applied for, the working schedule and the applicant’s competence. When producing learning materials, the planned distribution channels of the material must be included in the work plan. In addition, in connection with grant applications for creative written work and translation, it is a good idea to include the preliminary publication channel.

The required attachments for the application are listed in the Application Guidelines for Grants. To support applications for learning materials aimed at schools, you can request a reference from the Finnish National Agency for Education (miriam.schwartz(at) The reference must be submitted to the Cultural Foundation during the application period. Read more about references here.

The funding is connected to the extensive Finnish Romani Language revitalization programme of the Finnish National Agency for Education. The National Agency for Education, however, does not take part in the evaluation of grant applications.

Further information about Support for Romani Language and Culture
Museonjohtaja Johanna Ruohonen
Senior Advisor, Museum Director, Kirpilä Art Collection