The purpose of this form of funding is to increase the opportunities of people in need of care or support to experience high-quality art and in this manner promote cultural equality.

Grant Application Schedule

The Art for Everyone Grant is open for application in the January and October application rounds (Uusimaa Regional Fund: Art Together). Applications close at 4 pm Finnish time (EET) on the last day of the application period.

Eligible Applicants

Artists from all fields of art are eligible to apply for this grant. In addition to individual artists, eligible applicants include working groups and professional, registered art collectives, such as associations.

Grant Purpose

The Art for Everyone Grant is intended for work, project-related expenses or both together. The minimum sum that can be applied for is EUR 10,000 in the January round and EUR 25,000 in the October round.

The purpose of the art to be created using this grant is to reach people whose access to art is otherwise limited.
Possible locales for implementing this kind of project include hospitals, prisons, reception centres, care units for substance abusers, child welfare institutions, sheltered homes, day centres, and homes for the elderly.

The work conducted in this kind of a project must be long-term. The following will be taken into consideration when assessing the projects:

  • the number of encounters in the projects: either with several audiences or long-term with a single audience
  • the applicant’s understanding of the art participants and the manner in which participants are engaged when defining the project aims

How to Apply

The application is completed through the Online Application Service within the October or January rounds of applications. The Grant page of the application form includes a Special Grants menu, from which the Art for Everyone Grant can be selected.

In addition to the attachments mentioned in the application guidelines, the application must include the contact information of the partner institution and their tentative agreement to the project. The agreement must indicate where the project is to be carried out as well as the funding or other part that the partner has in the project.

The application work or project plan should describe audience involvement and how the efficiency of the activities will be monitored.