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13,7 million euros open for application in January Round
January round of applications
Seventeen regional funds support cultural activities in their respective regions by awarding annual grants and awards. Their grants are open for application between January 10th and February 10th 2022.

Art for Everyone grants available for long-term projects 

Grant previously named 'Art for Institutions' is now 'Art for everyone'. The purpose of this form of funding is to increase the opportunities of people in need of care or support to experience high-quality art and in this manner promote cultural equality. Possible locales for implementing this kind of project include for example prisons, reception centres, child welfare institutions and sheltered homes. 

The minimum sum that can be applied for is EUR 10,000 in the January round. The purpose of the grant is that the projects will be long-termed and have therefore a real influence on the target group. 

The Uusimaa Fund will award grants every two years in the future 

The Uusimaa Fund will award a total of 1,260,000 euros in the January 2022 round of applications. As the competition for grants is especially tough in the Uusimaa area, the Administrative Council of the Uusimaa Fund has decided that in the future grants will be awarded every two years. Therefore, the next round after 2022 is in January 2024.  

The Fund awards grants for local culture work and projects, for artistic work, art projects, art events and cultural occasions of representatives from all fields of art, for cultural heritage, and for local culture.  

Special grants of the regional funds 

The regional funds award grants for special purposes every year. This year the South Ostrobothnia fund will award a new Speak Finnish Boldly! grant. The grant is awarded for scientists or artists to study Finnish language. The grant sum is EUR 3,000 and it is applied for as its own expenditure grant or as a part of a working grant with the same application.  

South Savo fund will award a maximum of EUR 100,000 grant for projects concerning forestry. The applications may deal with forestry from different points of view, for example forest ecology, climate change, forest or wood technology. 

The North Savo and the North Karelia funds will altogether award a maximum of 100,000 euro grant to a high-quality, multidisciplinary undertaking that includes parties from both regions. In the 2022 application round, the grant is aimed at human and social sciences. 

University compensations 

Following discussions with Universities Finland, UNIFI, (university council of rectors), the Cultural Foundation has from March 1 2022 terminated the contracts they entered into with the universities in 2014, on the basis of which, grant researchers have been able to pay compensation for their workspace and other basic resources to conduct research. Next spring, the university compensation is no longer meant to be paid from the Cultural Foundation grants. The aim is to still have the universities welcome grant recipients and offer them equal resources to conduct quality research. 

You can find more information from the regional funds’ pages or from the January Round of applications.