The aim of the grant is to promote the equal realisation of cultural rights and to improve the quality of life of people in need of care or special support, through art.

Who can apply?

Artists, working groups, and registered organisations are eligible to apply for the Art for Institutions grant for their work or projects.

What can you do with the grant?

The work or project may take place in welfare and nursing institutions or other environments, the residents or users of which may otherwise have limited access to art. Possible institutions include sheltered homes, day centres, and homes of the elderly, hospitals, prisons (and, outside them, prison theatres), reception centres, care units for substance abusers, and child welfare institutions.


The following criteria carry special weight in the application evaluation process:
•    The content is of high artistic standard.
•    The plan takes into consideration the special nature of the location and respects the needs of the target group.
•    The audiences of or participants in the artwork are equally treated.