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The August Round of Applications has started
Rauhallinen Narvan taideresidenssi NART sijaitsee Viron ja Venäjän rajaseudulla.
NART residency is located in Narva, Estonia. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
August Round of Applications has started and ends Aug 31st. There are two grants available: Mobility grants and Grants for a sojourn at international residencies offered by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The purpose of the mobility grant is to enable artists and critics to spend time abroad to discover new tools and networks that support their art practise. Individual artist, critics, working groups as well as registered organisations such as associations from any field of art are eligible to apply for a Mobility grant.

Mobility grants may be sought for expenses ranging from EUR 2,000 to EUR 10,000. Acceptable uses of the grant include e.g. residency costs, participation in a festival, exhibition project or international collaboration. It is not possible to apply for both a working grant and an expenditure grant in the same application; working must be funded by other means. Even though travelling is still restricted in many ways, grants are worth applying for, as the rules for using the grants are flexible.

The Cultural Foundation is favourably disposed towards higher travel costs due to the journey taking place in a way that pollutes the climate and the environment as little as possible. In addition to direct travel costs, the grant may also be used to offset emissions that your form of travel produces.

The COVID-19 situation presents some changes to the residency program of the Foundation. There are two brand new residencies open for application, Fabrikken Art Center in Copenhagen and NART in Estonia. They both offer two three-month working grants. For Triangle residency in New York the Finnish Cultural Foundation offers one working grant for three months. All three programs are targeted at visual artists.

In the August Round of Applications, you may apply either for a residency offered by the Finnish Cultural Foundation or for a mobility grant, not both.

More information on August Round is available here.