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Online Grant Info on Oct. 21st at 3 pm
Welcome to the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s grant info where you will get some pro tips on how to make an application. Speaker sound and video are available only for the panelists but you can ask questions with the Q&A feature. Questions will be answered after short introductions to different themes, starting approx. at 3.30 pm.


•    Welcome to the grant info!
•    A short introduction to available grants.
•    Who can apply, what constitutes “strong ties to Finnish culture”?
•    What do you need to know about references?
•    Working grant or expenditure grant?
•    What do you need to know about the donor funds?
•    How to apply as a working group?
•    Additional funding for art organisations: what and for whom?
•    When to apply from the Central Fund and when from the Regional Funds?
•    Who evaluates the applications?
•    How can _you_ get a grant?

Registration in advance is not necessary. The turnout is limited to 500 participants. You can join the webinar from this link.