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Extra 1 million euros open for applications to the future energy market or the technology revolution
For its October 2019 grant application round, the Finnish Cultural Foundation has released around EUR 1 million in additional funding earmarked for research concerning the energy market of the future and/or the technology revolution. Applications will be accepted from all fields of science and economics, as well as interdisciplinary projects.

“In 2017 the Cultural Foundation established the practice of encouraging larger-than-usual grant applications related to a specific field each year. The additional funding has until now pertained to the fields of agriculture and medicine,” explains Jari Sokka, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

“In research related to technical sciences and economics it is beneficial if the research team comprises a diverse group of people from the worlds of academia, research institutions and business. Traditionally, Finland has been strong in collaborations between universities and business, but now special support is needed to ensure that different perspectives will meet and knowledge transfers can take place,” Sokka says.

The additional grant funding, totalling up to EUR 1 million, will be awarded to between one and five research projects. Applications may be made in the name of teams of several researchers, but not entire universities or research institutions. A research proposal in Finnish or English may be appended to the application, but the abstract on the application form must be in Finnish.

The Cultural Foundation’s October round of applications will be open between 1 and 31 October 2019. All in all, there will be approximately EUR 25 million in grants open for application.

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Asiamies Juhana Lassila
Director of Cultural Affairs