The Central Fund annually awards personal full-time three-year working grants to only one or two applicants in each field of arts and research. The regional Funds may award such grants at the discretion of their administrative councils.

Please note that the grant is a three-year grant only if it is stated so in your grant decision (awarded as the first grant of the three-year grant).

If the applicant has been awarded a three-year grant by the Central Fund, the funding for the second and third year needs to be secured by submitting continuation applications at Electronic grant application system. Such applications must reach the Foundation approximately three months before you wish to draw the grant.

If, however, the three-year grant has been awarded by a Regional Fund, you must seek funding for the second and third years during the Regional Funds’ general application period in January (not by submitting an online continuation application).

An application for continued funding  must consist of a concise report on the progress of the project and a work plan for the upcoming year (approximately two pages). All significant changes to the original plan have to be pointed out therein. Any funding from other sources should be stated and doctoral students must also supply a supervisor’s reference.

The second or the third year funding is awarded on condition that the project is proceeding as planned, and that no other funding has been obtained from another source. The sum of continuing funding is the same as the Foundation’s general annual grant.

As with all grants, the first instalment of the three-year grant has to be made within three years of its award. The last instalment of a three-year-grant must be made within five years from the date the grant for the first year was awarded.

The final online report on how the three-year grant was used has to be provided within one year of the final payment. Use of Finnish Internet banking PIN is required. Failure to provide a report may adversely affect the chances of receiving a grant in the future.

(The online reporting system is meant for the final report only. Information about work’s progress during the first and second year is provided in the continuation application, see above.)