The Cultural Foundation is granting an additional funding of at least one million euros for registered art organisations to sustain their operations during the state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic. The aim of this form of support is to assist high-quality actors in the art sector to overcome the state of emergency caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, to develop their activities during this period of social disturbance, and to improve their ability to plan artistic productions during a time when their implementation is uncertain. The grants will be awarded in even sums: 20.000, 30.000, 40.000, or 50.000 euros.

Grant application schedule

This additional funding for arts can be applied during the October application round. The application period closes at 4 pm Finnish time (EET) on the final day. The decisions will be made and announced to the applicants by email in mid-December.

Eligible applicants

Registered organisations engaged in regular activities in the art sector and falling outside the Financing Act that have, due to the coronavirus pandemic, temporarily lost their usual operational capacities and, along with them, their income. Possible applicants include, for example, theatre companies, orchestras, dance groups, festivals, and other art events.

Grant Purpose

The grant is intended for maintaining operations in a situation in which it has been impossible to engage in usual activities. It may be used, for example, to pay salaries, such as for rehearsal activities until performances are again possible, or to cover running costs of facilities. The funding does not require developing new forms of activities, but applicants must present a plan for the use of the grant. (The plan must be included in the “summary of the work plan” part of the application or as a separate attachment.)

Applying for this grant does not prevent you from applying for a grant to implement new projects or productions. If you are additionally applying for a grant to implement new projects or productions during the Cultural Foundation October round of applications, submit a separate application. Such applications will be handled according to the regular evaluation process and their decisions announced in February 2021.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration when evaluating applications:

  • artistic quality
  • the significance of the applicant in their own field and region
  • the effects of the pandemic on the applicant’s activities
  • applicant’s general conditions for maintaining and continuing their activities

Required information to be appended to the application

  • certified financial statements and balance sheet from 2019
  • report on financial situation on 30.9.2020. The report must illustrate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the applicant’s activities and an assessment of future development of finances up until summer 2021
  • a budget proposal for the duration of the grant being sought. Expenses to be covered with the grant must be itemised (in the budget).