The additional EUR 1 million funding of the January round of applications will be directed at the study of cardiovascular diseases.

Grant Application Schedule

An additional EUR 1 million funding for the study of cardiovascular diseases is open for applications during the January application period. The application period ends at 4 pm Finnish time (EET) on the deadline day.

Eligible Applicants

The January application round additional EUR 1 million funding for the study of cardiovascular diseases accepts applications in the field of medicine. The funding applications may, however, include elements from special fields of cardiovascular diseases or adjacent fields, provided that they are justifiably linked to the field of cardiovascular diseases.

The grants to be awarded will be allocated primarily to either distinguished researchers for establishing larger research teams or to younger post-doc researchers for establishing new research teams and for project implementation. The applicant may be a working group consisting of more than one researcher, but a university or a research institute is not eligible for this funding. In addition, the applicant may be a research consortium consisting of working groups.

Grant Purpose

The number of projects to be funded with this additional funding will, in general, not be specified. Typically, the additional EUR 1 million funding of the Cultural Foundation awarded to a single research project has been between EUR 100 000 and EUR 250 000, but the funding can also be awarded to only one or two significantly larger projects. A multiyear funding is also possible. All remunerations for work completed as a part of the project are paid as grants, not salaries.

How to Apply

The grant is open for application in all regional funds. The application can be submitted in the Online Application Service during the January application period. Instead of selecting a regional fund, applicants for this grant must select the special purpose grant of the regional funds, that is the study of cardiovascular diseases grant. The research plan to be attached to the application must be submitted either in Finnish or English, and the research subject and summary included in the application form must be drafted in Finnish. The significance of the research to the domestic or international research field must be explained in the application.

Although there are in some cases identifiable regional differences when it comes to cardiovascular diseases, a common Finnish disease genotype is also observable in their genetic background. Consequently, the funding can be seen to benefit the whole of Finland and the Finnish people regardless of where the research is conducted, and therefore applications will be assessed purely on medical grounds and on the basis of their domestic or international significance without any regional point of view.