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Finnish Cultural Foundation Residency Alumni
Residency Programme Alumni - giving a voice to the grantees
PomPom booklet videoinstallation, Simo Kellokumpu
PomPom video installation, Simo Kellokumpu
The Finnish Cultural Foundation is offering artists from different fields of art the opportunity to apply for a grant for work in artist residencies abroad. The fall 2018 round of applications comprised of seven residency locations around the world - from France to Australia and from North America to South Korea.

Since 2016, the Cultural Foundation has been developing its residency programme in coordination with the HIAP - Helsinki International Artist Programme. The number of residency locations has grown yearly, and new locations are also being organised for the upcoming year.

The purpose of the residency alumni activities launching in 2019 is to improve the experiences of new, residency-bound artists and to help residency artists network with each other. New grantees are offered a possibility to connect with and receive help from earlier participants in preparing for their own residency periods.

The Residency Alumni webpage collects artists’ experiences of their work in the residencies affiliated with the Foundation from 2017 onwards. The aim of the webpage is to give a voice to the grantees, an opportunity for them to share, in their own words, their experiences during the residency period that is often given great significance, or the new avenues it might have opened.

The page offers new grant applicants more comprehensive information of the opportunities the residency locations afford than what was available before. This way it hopefully facilitates the process of applying to the residencies and, at the same time, presents the public with new insights into the artists’ work.

The residency locations that were applicable for 2019:

  • Hôtel Chevillon in France
  • SeMA Nanji Residency in Seoul, South Korea
  • Tokyo Arts and Space Residency in Japan
  • O Espaço do Tempo in Portugal
  • Artspace in Australia
  • Institute for Provocation in China
  • Triangle in the United States

The Residency Alumni webpage, to be supplemented in time, can be found at

More information:

Museonjohtaja Johanna Ruohonen
Senior Advisor, Museum Director, Kirpilä Art Collection