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New grant for supporting the international mobility of artists

A new form of support has been introduced to increase the international mobility of artists. The Finnish Cultural Foundation announces a grant for the expenses of international work with no destination restrictions. In addition, the Foundation's residency programme expands with a new location in Sydney.

In August 2017, the Finnish Cultural Foundation will open a new mobility grant for applications. The grant is aimed at covering the expenses of artistic work abroad. Artists from all forms of art may apply for the grant as individuals or working groups. The grant is intended for trips abroad that last more than two weeks. The grant ranges from €3,000 to €10,000.

"In addition to our own residency programme, we want to support other international efforts of artists and create opportunities for new art initiatives," says senior advisor Johanna Ruohonen from the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

New residency in the heart of Sydney, Australia

The diverse residency programme of the Finnish Cultural Foundation will expand in August 2017 when applications will open for Artspace in Sydney, Australia. The residency takes place between June and August in 2018, includes a working grant and is intended for a single artist or a duo. Artspace is in partnership with UNSW Art & Design to provide resident studio artists with access to their state of the art Paddington campus facilities.

Acting in an advisory role in the development of the residency programme, Juha Huuskonen, director of the HIAP - Helsinki International Artist Programme, is glad to see Australia added to the list: "Australia's art scene is very dynamic. Artspace is one of the oldest and most distinguished residency organisations, and its current director, Alexie Glass-Kantor, has expanded it into a diverse contemporary art organisation. The programme is a great opportunity for Finnish artists to develop their practise."

Residencies for different forms of art

Other residencies open for applications for 2018 are the O Espaço do Tempo in Portugal for dancers and stage art working groups, Hôtel Chevillon in France for writers, translators and visual artists, and SeMA Nanji in South Korea and Tokyo Wondersite in Japan, both for visual artists.

The working grant for the residencies is €2,000 per month, or €500 per week for O Espaço do Tempo.

"During residency, artists can work free of their everyday routines, and develop their networks. Our residency partners are high-quality institutions and we are extremely glad to have them receive our grantees," says Ruohonen.

Residencies for 2018 are open for applications between 10 and 31 August 2017.


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